Building on unique expertise we offer tailor-made solutions.

KAÏNA-COM develops multiple types of turnkey expertise to serve its customers, including Training, Consulting, Operations & Maintenance, Installation and Integration.


The KAÏNA-COM team is composed by multicultural and multilingual expert trainers, entirely committed to our customer requirements and satisfaction. We are able to provide to your teams, several specific training courses on different areas such as computer networks, telecommunications, IT and management.

We can adapt any training according to your needs by using self-proved tailor-made formulas that could be adapted for intra-company, either in your premises or in our classrooms.

We adapt to your needs with adapted and tailor-made formulas, our courses are available intra-company, in your premises or our classrooms.

Additionally, to our experienced trainers, our theoretical and practical classes including our Virtual LAB, are all assets that guarantee our trainees successful training.



  • Audit
  • Project Management

Our professionals, who have achieved their expertise through over 10 years spent on the field and in design offices, have unrivalled experience in project management and telecommunication network auditing. Project leaders, project managers and technical experts work hand in hand in KAÏNA-COM teams to conduct many risky projects under significant time and budget constraints.

Operations & Maintenance

O&M? A simple abbreviation for Operations & Maintenance.
This KAÏNA-COM service covers the core activities that are essential to optimal telecom network management.
To ensure that you receive an efficient and tailor-made service, KAÏNA-COM builds on the following activities:

Daily Maintenance

KAÏNA-COM handles the operation and maintenance of your network on a daily basis :

  • Constant monitoring and control
  • Site creation or deletion
  • Site densification and migration

Upgrade / Migration

Manufacturers are continuously developing their features, which means that operators have to migrate to more recent versions of software, firmware or even hardware. This upgrade requires regular data migration (Data Base and other material) from a release N to a release N+1. Our team of specialists fully masters and understands the processes imposed by a variety of manufacturers.


Radio features are no secret to KAÏNA-COM RNEs (Radio Network Engineering). As experts in analysis and review of KPI (key performance indicators) and network performance, they can advise and guide you, and recommend the best solutions to achieve optimal performance.

Technical support

KAÏNA-COM offers two different kinds of technical support :
- L1 First level - KAÏNA-COM HOT LINE
A simple and easy telephone and email assistance service.
- L2 Second level - KAÏNA-COM INTEGRAL
A comprehensive and tailor-made assistance service.

KAÏNA-COM is responsible for investigation, analysis and resolution of complex network incidents. Our specialists also provide comprehensive support to level 1 maintenance technicians in charge of network maintenance, and liaise in real time with subsystem experts (ex : CORE and RAN experts).

Installation & Integration

  • Roll-out
  • Swap

We are perfectly comfortable with roll-out and SWAP of 2G / 3G / 4G / CoreNetwork and Transmission networks, our teams are skilled in the full range of methodologies and processes applied and approved by telecom manufacturers and operators.

Network Optimization Services

Our network optimisation services aims to maintaining service quality and end user experience with a complete portfolio of services and tools, we have capabilities to deliver high value-added services.

Our services involve everthing, from deployment, network transformation, benchmarking and network optimization in order to assure an optimal end user experience.


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