Improving performance through optimal process control.

KAÏNA-COM offers global support for all of its projects. From strategic pre-project consulting to roll-out and follow-up of the best technical solutions, we ensure that our customers benefit from immediate and lasting effectiveness at every step of the collaboration, which is carried out in Project mode (manufacturers and operators).

Our “E2E” expertise, structured around various focus areas, builds on a team of experts (RAN / CORE / TRANSMISSION / IP) fully dedicated to conducting the project. This skill constitutes the foundation of KAÏNA-COM’s identity and has allowed us to develop a double expertise: Multi-Manufacturer (ALU, E///, NOKIA, HUAWEI…) and Multi-Operator (Orange, SFR, Bouygues…). This definition of expertise is woven into KAÏNA-COM’s DNA.

  • 2G / 3G /4G
  • Transmission
  • CoreNetwork
  • IP
  • Virtualization of Network Elements (through VMWARE and Openstack)
  • IT Service



  • Audit phase
  • Feasibility studies / Resource mobilization
  • Implementation of suitable processes


  • Planning
  • Cost and resource management
  • Resource Coordination
  • Technical implementation

Our experts

Our teams are at your service to make your network the most efficient possible !