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Presentation of KAÏNA-COM CI Ivory Coast Agency

We announced in February 2016, the creation of our subsidiary in Ivory Coast. Eight (08) months later, it is time to make an update regarding KAÏNA-COM CI :
The KAÏNA-COM CI team has settled in its new office in COCODY II Plateaux 7th Tranche, near the Café de Versailles.
The building are composed of :

  • 9 independent offices
  • 1 conference room can accommodate 20 people
  • 1 Open Space up to 25 people
  • 2 technical rooms
  • a 55m2 outbuilding for future LAB of KAÏNA-COM University

All on an area of over 1000m2.

In addition, the KAÏNA-COM CI team is growing day by day with the hiring of :

  • 3 Fields Engineers with Nokia, Ericsson and ALU expertise
  • 3 Consultants Experts in Nokia on RAN access
  • 2 RNE
  • 1 Expert in core CS/PS Network with good experience on the IMS
  • 1 Executive Assistant

Our staff are actively involved in various projects with our customers such as: Nokia, Orange and Camusat.
We are constantly researching new profiles according to our growing needs, do not hesitate to consult our offers or contact us.