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Mobile Operators Benchmarking

KAÏNA-COM together with its strategic partner MyB develop and implement tailed/customize Benchmarking solutions in order to measure network performance of an Operator against its competitors and support the needs of regulators or any other agencies required to analyze the network performance of an entire country and/or region.

Our Network Optimization Services is presented hereunder:


Technologies :

  • Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
  • Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
  • CDMA2000
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) & LTE-Advanced
  • Wi-Fi

Type of Tests :

  • Voice
    • POLQA Voice Call
    • Short Voice Call
    • Typical Voice Call
  • Data
    • Static packet switched call
    • Mobile packet switched call
  • Video Streaming
  • End-User Experience Tests

Test scenarios:

  • Mobility (Urban, Sub-rural, rural areas).
  • Strategic locations (Airport, Stadium, Subway, Hôtels, Shopping Center, etc…)
  • Indoor scenarios

On Field Benchmarking Tools:

  • Nous utilisons les équipements standardisés du marché des plus grands fabricants pour réaliser le benchmarking sur un réseau.
  • Ces équipements sont déjà LTE-Advanced ready


Proprietary Post-Processing tool:

We developed our own post-processing fully automated tool to generate reports customized to customer needs.
Automated tasks will ensure:

Les taches automatisées nous permettent d’assurer:

  • Fast reporting
  • Consistency
  • Quality

Rapports :
Nous couvrons :

  • End-User Experience Test
  • KPI values
  • performance plots
  • SWOT analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Ranking

Few examples hereunder:
Figure 1: End-User Experience BM Tests – Facebook
Figure 2: End-User Experience BM Tests - CSFB
Figure 3: End-User Experience BM Tests – Vidéo Freezing
Figure 4: End-User Experience BM Tests - Ranking
Figure 5:BM Vehicles and Setup

PS1) Alliance with Leading RF and benchmarking tools vendors

Our expérience:

  • Benchmarking et drive test depuis 2004.