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KAÏNA-COM research, develops new tools for mobile operator

KAÏNA-Lab, a KAÏNA-COM’s R&D entity, started on January 2016, develops tools that can help, on a daily basis, O&M and RNO Radio Telecom department.

The following tools were developed:

  • KDTA (KAÏNA DLS Tool Analysis), which are a set of tools to examine, identify and modify the Radio basis of a MxBSC Alcatel-Lucent (DLS).

o    Function KIR (KAÏNA Improvement Reselection) : identifies mistakes in the database regarding 2G/4G Cell Reselection. This check can be performed in an automated manner and a clear report is generated automatically. Traces and logs are of course available for support teams.

o    In order to meet the operational requirements of a swap, the function KDT (KAÏNA Database Tool) converts database from one vendor to another:


- ALU To E//

- ALU To HUAWEI en cours de développement...

  • KRC (Kaïna Ros Calculator): is a friendly-use tool that will help customer to identify and measure the VSWR antenna systems on a network. Currently, a prototype is being validated and according to our roadmap, a first prototypes will be available soon.

These tools have been designed and optimized to facilitate the day-to-day tasks applied to a live network.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.